National PTA Joining in Day - "Trail of Silver" - June 2009

It all started on a Friday afternoon in May, the end of day bell rang and the children left school with their book bags in one hand and their empty Smartie tubes in the other.

The half term break was ahead and with plenty of time to save all their silver coins, the inter-class competition had begun.

With collection bottles in every class the children returned to school after the holidays and day by day, on the run up to the 9th, the bottles quickly began to fill.

With the promise of an individual class prize at stake, teachers quickly began to show their competitive streak, encouraging the children in their class to return their tubes as soon as possible.

Two weeks later Science week arrived and a fun packed busy timetable was ahead. Daily activities were planned and on the morning of Tuesday 9th our ‘Trail of Silver’ began.

Classes came into the hall two at a time, stencils were drawn onto large pieces of paper and as the children followed the lines, they very quickly came to life. Every one completely different and each one following the Science week theme.

The temptation in some cases was almost too much when individual hands were full of shiny silver coins and the thought of parting with them was really too much to bear.  In one of our younger classes magically a few coins found their way into some tiny pockets. Luckily they were spotted before the end of the day, without the need to frisk the rest of the children!!!!

Overall the event was a tremendous success and thanks to the children, TA’s and their Teachers the total amount raised was an incredible £542.65!!!

Huge thanks also must go to my volunteers who helped during the morning, especially Rachel our Treasurer who spent most of her Tuesday evening counting it all up!!

Lisa Barry
PTA Chair

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