Useful Links

The links page is dedicated to websites that are educational or of general general interest for both children and grown ups.

We hope you enjoy browsing through them and if you know of any other websites that could be included or if any of the links stop working, then please email us at we would love to hear from you.

Educational Links

A selection of links to pages for all years with an educational slant.

BBC Schools

BBC Schools
A Premier website covering a wide age range of educational needs.
Topmarks Topmarks
A resource website with its own content and access to well-researched web links.

Kevins Playroom

Kevin's Playroom
A great resource site written by children for children.

Popular Links

These links are for popular and safe sites.

For the not so young. Quality BBC site.
Cbeebies CBeebies
For the young and young at heart.

Out and about

These are links to places to go and see for all the family.


A great mixture of outdoor and indoor activities.
Bristol Zoo Gardens Bristol Zoo
A firm favourite for all the family.

Cattle Country

Cattle Country
A great day out for all.

Other Links

General/miscellaneous links of interest.

Useful portal site for the GL12 area.

Spanish property in La Vizcaronda, Spain.
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